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Lisa Keeling - Broker/Owner



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Lisa Keeling is a seasoned Real Estate Professional who has held multiple leadership roles within the industry. In her real estate career, she has gained in-depth expertise in customer service, negotiation, sales, investments, and entrepreneurship.    

Currently, Lisa serves as the Broker/Owner of Keeling Realty, LLC, where she and her dedicated, integrity-driven team represent both buyers and sellers across Houston, Texas. Being represented by Keeling Realty means you will not only be guided every step of the way, but your expectations will be exceeded.   

As a decade-long resident of the area, she has cultivated extensive local marketplace knowledge, enabling her to provide the most hassle-free transaction possible, from list to close. To Lisa, the success of our team of real estate agents is just as important to her as helping clients actualize their dreams of home ownership.    

In addition to her Sales Agent License (2012) and Broker’s License (2016) with the Texas Real Estate Commission, Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electromechanical Engineering Technology from Penn State University (2007) and is a veteran of the United States Navy.   

When she isn’t selling, listing, or investing, she enjoys spending quality time with her wonderful family, and volunteering with her son’s Boy Scout troop. She also has an avid interest in all things technology.   

Both honest and communicative, Lisa Keeling is here for your real estate needs, so feel free to reach out to her with any of your inquiries!  

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Kevin Keeling - REALTOR®/Owner


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Kevin Keeling is an attorney, real estate agent, and a seasoned real estate investor who has worked closely with Lisa Keeling in the real estate industry. Currently, Kevin serves as a REALTOR®/Owner  of Keeling Realty, LLC, where he works with the dedicated, integrity-driven team to aid in representation of both buyers and sellers across Houston, Texas. Being represented by Keeling Realty means you will not only be guided every step of the way, but your expectations will be exceeded. 

In addition to his Sales Agent License (2018) with the Texas Real Estate Commission, Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology (Nuclear Emphasis) from Old Dominion University (1999) a Juris Doctorate from Villanova University School of Law (2003) where he was the President of the Married Law Students/Law Students with Children, and completed coursework in Biology at Rice University (1989-1992). 

In addition to his college education, Kevin is a U.S. Navy veteran and completed rigorous Navy Nuclear Power coursework, finishing all phases in the top 10 percent of his class. The culmination of Kevin's Navy training included hands-on training with a live nuclear reactor leading to certification by the Department of Energy.

Following his Navy training and while completing his undergraduate degree, Kevin was stationed on the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75). Kevin was pivotal in the equipment installation and testing required to bring this 100,000-ton warship to life, pass sea trials and prepare for its first major deployment. Kevin and 20+ nuclear operators whom he supervised were also responsible for the operation and maintenance of electrical and electro-mechanical systems and subsystems of one of the multimillion-dollar nuclear reactors on the Truman.

When he isn’t selling, listing, or investing, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and children, and being the Scoutmaster of his son’s Boy Scout troop. 

Both detail-oriented and integrity-driven, Kevin Keeling is here for your real estate needs, so feel free to reach out to him with any of your inquiries!  

Judith Zahora is a real estate agent with Keeling Realty, LLC.

Judith Zahora - REALTOR®


o: 713-623-1280 x125

Since 2005, Judith Zahora has sold millions of dollars in real estate to satisfied home owners and investors all over the Greater Houston Area. Her sales have included single-family homes, condos/townhomes, duplexes, fourplexes, mobile homes on acreage, and self-storage facilities.

She has represented Buyers, Sellers, Tenants and Landlords on hundreds of properties including retail sales, foreclosures, short sales, estate sales and online auctions.

Judith has taken time to coach many real estate investors, during her career, who now manage their own profitable investment portfolios.

Judith serves real estate clients in Kingwood, Porter, New Caney, Conroe, The Woodlands, Humble, Atascocita, Huffman, Crosby, Dayton, Spring, Splendora, Cleveland, Katy and many other parts of Greater Houston.  

Although originally from the east coast, Judith has made her home in Houston for the past three decades. Judith says that she loves the warm people as well as the warm humid climate in Houston.  Judith holds degrees from Pittsburgh University and the University of Houston. 

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Mike Doucet is a real estate agent with Keeling Realty, LLC.

Mike Doucet - REALTOR®


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o: 713-623-1280 x127

Mike Doucet is an accomplished Real Estate Investor/Real Estate Agent that has been personally investing in single family properties in the Houston and surrounding areas for over 25 years.  

Mike's experience includes over 30 years in Corporate America, as a manufacturers rep. and in sales management. In 2014, Mike made a decision to leave the corporate world and proceeded to continue building his rental portfolio to the point where he has surpassed his previous corporate salary level. If that sounds interesting, Mike would welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibility of showing you how to do the same!   

Since becoming a licensed Real Estate agent, Mike has also worked as a leasing agent for a residential Property Management company. This has allowed Mike to view the renting, and tenancy side of the business, from a corporate business perspective. This is the side of the business where most un-informed investors fail, and an area where his experience, and expertise allow him to educate his clients, and help them avoid the costly mistakes that can cause considerable financial damage to your properties and your checkbook.   

Mike's ultimate goal in business is to assist his clients in understanding how to prosper in today's highly competitive Real Estate market. There is no shortage of free real estate advice out there, and everyone is selling their version of what will make you rich. At Keeling Realty, LLC, we will assess your needs, desires, and situation, and then set up an active game plan to simply “make it happen".   

Mike is currently available for individual consultations, and welcome the opportunity to visit with you to discuss your current and future plans. Mike will also assist you in developing a realistic game plan to help you achieve your Real Estate and Financial goals.  

Mike looks forward to working with you, in achieving your goals, and dreams!  

Vicky Rocher is a Broker Associate with Keeling Realty, LLC.

Vicky Rocher - Broker Associate


o: 713-623-1280 x129

Vicky Rocher began her real estate career in 1988.  She became a real estate broker in 1992.  She has had a successful career in retail, office and investment properties.  She has completed hundreds of transactions in her career.  

Vicky is a seasoned investor who owns a 48 unit Multifamily investment property which is currently experiencing double digit returns.  Her single family portfolio has doubled in value over the last 7 years and is returning double digits as well.  Vicky’s other entrepreneurial endeavors include private lending, buying and flipping homes, and advising new investors. Vicky has called Houston home for more than 4 decades and she is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma.     


Shirley Camidge - REALTOR®


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Shirley Camidge is a Houston native with 18 years of real estate experience. In addition to being a Realtor, Shirley is also a real estate investor. Her passion for real estate began when she and

her husband started looking at investments for retirement purposes. Through this process she discovered her gift for finding properties that not only appeal to investors but individuals and families as well.

One of the reasons that Shirley chose real estate as a career is because it is constantly evolving but the number one reason that she chose it is because she loves working with and helping people.“I enjoy creating relationships with my clients and being their trusted adviser. Buying or selling a home can be stressful. I pride myself on creating as smooth of a transaction as possible and more importantly, providing my clients with a great experience,” says Shirley.

When Shirley isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and doing just about anything that involves creativity such as cooking, sewing, decorating, and music. Of all of her many accomplishments, she is most proud of her family and her Christian faith.

If you are planning on buying or selling in the Houston area contact Shirley Camidge, your Houston neighborhood expert. Shirley looks forward to providing you with exceptional individualized service and establishing a lifelong partnership.

“Shirley is honest and professional. A real life saver in the real estate world. We put in an offer the day our home was listed. We closed on our new home in 3 weeks and now have our old home

listed with Shirley and Keeling and look forward to working on the close of this home with her.”

-Natalie Hart

Fernando Parra HAR Realtor

Fernando Parra - REALTOR®


o: 713-623-1280 x137

Fernando Parra is from Oceanside, California where his father was stationed in the military. He moved to Houston as a child and has lived here for 25 years. Fernando always had a passion for fixing things. Fresh out of school he studied to be an automotive technician. He worked in the automotive industry for 15 years.

With hopes of financial freedom and more time with his wife and two children he began researching real estate investing. He saw so many people with success in real estate investing and wanted to give it a try. He got started in the industry as an investor at the beginning of 2016.  Realizing his new-found passion for real estate he became a Realtor. He combined his years of customer service experience in the automotive industry and his passion for helping people. Since becoming an investor, Fernando has learned the do’s and don'ts of investing from flipping homes to buy and holds. Fernando currently manages his own rental portfolio and personally oversees all of his rehabs. He enjoys personally getting involved with rehabbing the homes. 

Fernando wants nothing more than to see other people succeed. He believes in truly helping others. With honesty and integrity as a priority, Fernando is here to help. Whether you have a question or need real estate services, Fernando is here and willing to work hard for you.


Debbie Mazurkewicz - REALTOR®


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Hai Hoang - REALTOR®


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My name is Hai Hoang and I am a licensed Realtor with Keeling Realty, LLC. My wife and I are currently residing in Northwest Houston. We have a beautiful baby girl name Hana.  We are so happy and feel very blessed. I am a Veteran who served in the United States Marine Corp for 8 years. I was in Okinawa, Japan for my first duty station. I also served in Iraq for about a year during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. I am honored to have served for the US Marines Corp and this country’s great military family. 

If you are looking to purchase or sell your home, please consider working with me. I will work very hard to meet your expectations to find that perfect home. I am absolutely loyal to my clients before, during, and after the transaction. Many of my clients are my good friends after they have completed their transaction and I always encourage them to continue to contact me with any and all questions they may have. I appreciate every one of my clients and hope they turn to me for any of their real estate needs or referrals. 

Please feel free to reach out to us today. Together, Keeling Realty, LLC and I will help you find your real estate investment property or your next dream home. 

I am fluent in both English and Vietnamese and look forward to working with you.

Aimee Santos

Aimee Santos - REALTOR®


o:  713-623-1280 x149


Aimee Santos is originally from Brownsville, Texas. She has been teaching in the Texas Public System for 13 years. Aimee moved to Houston in order to earn a graduate degree in M.A. Ed. in Instructional Leadership from Sam Houston State University. This knowledge, coupled with her undergraduate degree in teaching, has provided her with valuable skills that she uses daily in real estate negotiations, educating home-buyers and sellers. Her aspiration is to make real estate her lifelong career.

As a realtor specializing in residential properties. She has always brought abundant energy, creativity, dedication, experience and personal knowledge to the work. You can be assured that she will stay on top of all the details of the deal, to provide a smooth and easy-going transaction.

Aimee is here for your real estate needs, so feel free to reach out to her!


Judy Nelluvelil - REALTOR®


o:  713-623-1280 x153


Judy Nelluvelil was born and raised in Dallas, TX.  She received her BBA in Marketing from Baylor University and her MBA in Marketing from Southern Methodist University.  She resides in Houston with her husband, and two young daughters.  

Her background involves Retail Operations, Systems, and HR Training.  She has been a real estate investor for 2 years and obtained her Realtor license in January 2019.  She loves remodeling homes and all animals!


Miguel Santos - REALTOR®


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Lance Harley - REALTOR®


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Lindsey Kroll - REALTOR®


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Gina Thayer - REALTOR®


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Gina Thayer is a seasoned Real Estate Investor, who has been investing in single family properties, as well as multi-family, in Houston, for several years.  Her main focus has been the ‘buy-and-hold’ template, for passive income!  Consistent inquiries from friends and acquaintances, alongside her love for serving people and for all aspects of real estate, lead to a natural progression as an Agent!

Gina’s background includes several years in the corporate world, both in Accounting and Direct Sales, interspersed with many years as an entrepreneur in the Direct Sales industry.  She is passionate about helping people find the right fit, whether it’s a rental or permanent home, solutions to health and wealth challenges, or simply connecting people!  She works tirelessly and creatively to match needs.


Gina’s experience has shown her that a focus on building relationships and trust, and enjoying the process along the way, is key to win-win for all parties involved in buying and selling.  She loves building relationships with her tenants/customers, such that they WANT to work with her again and again…and are consistently recommending her to others.  This hard-earned trust is not taken for granted!

Truth is…there are many Real Estate agents out there.  Gina’s goal is to stand above the crowd and SERVE you in a capacity that you will gain a friend and trusted partner in the process, and be delighted with your results, whether you are on the buying or selling side.


Count on me to guide your process…from beginning to end!  Connect with me so that we can evaluate your goals/needs, and make those home dreams a REALITY!

Best ways to connect:


713-298-3004 (call/text)

FaceBook Messenger (Gina Haney Thayer)


Kym V Jackson - REALTOR®


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